Adjust the temperature of thermoplastic paint-making construction easier!
Apr 25, 2021

Generally, the construction temperature control of thermoplastic paint is directly affects the sedimentation of glass beads, and the sedimentation depth directly affects the retroreflectivity of the marking. 

Can we widen the construction temperature range of thermoplastic paint, so that the operator no longer deliberately controls the temperature of roadmarking machines, and then the glass beads can sink into paint with a reasonable state? --of course yes!

     A group of tests data of sedimentation of glass beads at 190℃, 200℃, 210℃, 220℃ and 230℃ respectively when the paint temperature is controlled:

From the above test, the glass beads did not sink as the temperature increased.
If you are interested in, hurry up and do the test by yourself thermoplastic paint.

Make the constructioneasier!

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