Continuous reflective solution for thermoplastic road line
Oct 23, 2019

Project requirements:

-1. Initial retro-reflective is≥450mcd,

-2. Retro-reflective during the application period not less than 150-200mcd.

Using glass beads with a size propotion of 0.3~0.85mm, if the thermoplastic temperature control is not good, it is easy to settle inside the paint, cause a bad retro-reflectivity in initial.

If floating on the paint surface, the retro-reflectivity maybe not bad, but only stay for 3 months.

Add the glass bead grade with 0.85-1.4mm (type3) to extend the glass bead grading to 0.3~1.4mm.

See the surface of the line marking:

  • Uniform distribution
  • Good subsidence
  • The large size beads sink into paint with 2/3
  • All of the small size sink to the inside of the paint, there is a connection with the premix glass beads

Tips: Beads size of 0.85-1.4mm work for the first half of the year’s retro-reflectivity, size of 0.6-1.18mm will work for the middle period, the premix beads 0.3-0.85mm have a continuous retro-reflectivity.

Continuous reflection is no longer a problem.

What is the retro-reflectivity we can achieve? See below pictures:

Retro-reflectivity in wet weather after 1 week:

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