The reflective glass beads are designed for night day to have good retro reflective for drivers. Glass beads are used alone or intermix in paints and coatings. Glass beads looks like powder, made by soda lime glass.
The reflective road marking glass beads is able to improve the reflective performance of road marking line. The glass beads will reflect the lights back, make the driver see the directions clearly at night, and improve the driving safety.

TORY HR reflective glass beads is manufactured by horizontal furnace with melting virgin glass at high temperature, the roundnes is higher, the beads is more clear and transparent, it will brings higher retroreflectivity for road marking line, normally it can reach at least 500mcd, or even above 600mcd. The refractive index is 1.5-1.64, the size range is between 100 ~ 1400 microns in diameter.

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