Internal prevention and control plan against 2019 Corona Virus COVID-19
Mar 14, 2020

After 5 weeks closing due to Corona Virus, Tory has opened and start work from March 1st, our first batch of workers back to work was 20 people mainly from production department and a few office workers.

We have made our own prevention and control plan according to Bengbu government requirement, firstly make sure every worker’s working condition, and keep a clean and safe production environment.

Mainly according to following points:

1. Purchase supplies for prevention and control like mask, disinfectant, rubber gloves, hand-sanitizer, temperature measuring gun ect.

2. Every workers should wear mask.

3. Washing hand and step into the sterilizing container, measure temperature before entering factory.

4. Disinfect the office area and workshop with 75% alcohol twice a day.

In the past two weeks, the factory is running good and orderly, we will proceed and continue according to the prevention and control plan, till the virus ended.

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