Long-lasting wet night road marking made by RI 1.7 glass beads
Nov 27, 2020

Long-lasting wet night road marking made by RI 1.7 glass beads

Road markings provide continuous guidance information for drivers. According to Chinese national standards, rainy night marking should have retroreflective performance under dry, wet and continuous rainfall conditions, and have a good visual recognition effect on rainy nights. At present, the rainy night marking test sections set up by many provinces and cities in China are all relying on the road ceramic glass beads (AW element) to achieve rainy night reflective performance. There is no rainy night markings with reflective performance lasting more than 3 months under wet or continuous rainfall have not been found. Cntory reflective glass beads, reflective road paint material always used for rainy night marking.

In order to overcome this problem, Shandong Highway proposed a ‘long-lasting life cycle reflective road marking’. From the construction of the marking to the end of the marking life (average daily traffic flow of 80,000, more than 4 years), it maintains good reflective performance under dry, wet, and continuous rainfall conditions, which is the first in China.

The detailed information of the trial section,

1. Retroreflectivity -- Dry: 730-820mcd, Wet: 280-400mcd.

2. Paint - thermoplastic.

3. Drop on and quantity-- 600g/m2 in total, 300g HR beads of type B, 300g 1.7 index beads of Type DHR. Using two dispensers, 1st one for Type B and 2nd one for DHR.

4. Intermix and quantity -- total quantity is 30% of thermoplastic, 15% of HR beads 0.3-1.4mm, 15% of 1.7 index beads 0.3-1.4mm.

RI 1.7 glass beads

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