Tory's internal standard "Glass Beads for Road Marking"
Dec 11, 2019

Tory's internal standard "Glass Beads for Road Marking" has been approved.

This glass beads enterprise standard draws on European standards EN1423 and Australian / New ZealandstandardAS/NZS 2009:2006 to make detailed provisions for the retroreflective performance of glass beads, and then classifies them according to their retroreflectivity, further clarifying the application performance and scope of glass beads. The requirement in Appendix B identify the grade of glass beads retroreflectivity.

The biggest feature: glass beadsretroreflective grade classification(glass beads with the same size and the same gradation have different retroreflectivity, and the retroreflective readings on road marking line are also different).

Note: The quality control of reflective paint will follow this standard.

TORY internal standard of roadmarkign glass beads

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