TORY's KS Certification Status
May 07, 2021

Tory has applied for KS certificate in end of 2019, due to Covid-19 virus, we have stoped the process because the audit can't be occured.

We feel regret to bring the inconenience to Korea customers, we will pay attention to keep contact with KS institution to finish the audit as soon as possible.

The types we applied for KS:

HR glass beads -- KS Type A, Type B, Type C

1.7 index glass beads -- KS Type A, Type C

Below the certificates we have completed for management training and QC.

TORY thermoplastic glass beads Korea

TORY HR glass beads KS Type A, B, C

TORY 1.7 index glass beads KS type A type C

TORY KS L standard glass beads

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